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Writing your Brand Stories with all its quirks.

Peach Flat & Minimalist Beauty Website (
Peach Flat & Minimalist Beauty Website.p




I write copy and create social media strategies for quirky and sassy female business owners. If you have a small or creative business and want to tell your brand story with a dash of personality, you've landed at the right place!

As a copywriter, my focus is on helping you create a powerful voice for your brand. One that sparks interest and addresses your target audience's pain points.


My social media strategies will help you drive traffic to your site organically and focus on creating a community. At the core, our energy will be on building a relationship with your prospects.

I offer done-with-you and done-for-you services to clients who are passionate about creating an impact.

Ready to get this party started? Grab some snacks and drinks for fun has just begun!

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Peach Flat & Minimalist Beauty Website (
Peach Flat & Minimalist Beauty Website (

Hi, Amrita! I loved your writing. You can call me your biggest fan when it comes to your writing. I am glad I connected with you for the website content and it came out beautifully. You play magically with words while reading the content it felt like I am reading a fairy tale. Thank you so much and best wishes for your future.

Ridham Singh, Co-founder, Make It Happen

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