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10 Interesting and Random Facts about Yours Truly!


10 interesting facts about me:

1. I was born on the 23rd of May in the mid-’90s (not telling you the year). My sun sign as per the dates is Gemini (May 21st to June 21st) is what I presumed until a gentleman I met some time ago (I am not telling you where) told me otherwise. He explained that my birth date lies at the transition phase (cusp) of Taurus and Gemini which is between May 17th and May 23rd and is at the cusp of the two signs. This roughly translates to “You are not a Gemini (not sorry to burst your bubble).”

Astrology clock
Astrology Clock

2. Punctuality is a virtue that I swear by. I hate waiting for people or making them wait for me. Although this might be a side effect of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), I respect time; be it mine or someone else’s and expect the same in return.

3. I am a sweetaholic. Basically, I cannot resist anything sweet if it comes my way. I need desserts or at least something sweet after every meal and so I have started eating jaggery as an alternative to sugary desserts. Plus, dark chocolates as opposed to its cousins.

A batch of pancakes with nutella and berries
I can never resist sweets!

4. I was a silent kid back in my school days. It is an unbelievable concept to the people who know me that I could keep my trap shut for long hours once upon a time. I didn’t have many friends in school nor was I confident enough. The situation completely turned especially after I became the Class Representative of my class and joined the National Cadet Corps in the first year of my graduation.

5. Canada is my dream country. Ever since I was a kid I have harboured a dream to visit and live in Canada at least once in my life. This desire bloomed when I read a chapter on Canada in my schools Hindi book. As I grew up, I researched more about the country and I am falling more in love every day!

A woman wrapped in Canada's flag
Canada is my dream country

6. Even though I am a huge fan of carnival rides, I stay at a 10 feet distance from them. My fear of heights has always agitated me. Hopefully, one day I will be able to overcome it and skydive or bungee jump. A girl can dream!

7. I listen to music in various languages and try to learn the lyrics if not the meanings. Punjabi, English, Telugu, Marathi, Spanish, Irish and Bhojpuri are some of my favourite music languages. (Just for the record, I hate EDM.)

8. Art, in any form, is my greatest love. I have always been fascinated by artists and what they create. Especially, musicians and poets!


9. I am a hoarder when it comes to books and jewellery. We stay in Mumbai and are tenants. The space is decent but can never accommodate my ever-growing pile of books. I legit have a small library with around a hundred books if not more with a constant flow coming in. I keep buying jewellery all the time especially, earrings and nose rings. My heart breaks if anything happens to any of my books or jewellery and I have a hard time parting away with them.


10. Poetry is my comfort zone. I still remember the first time I wrote a few lines it was on a girl in my class in the second year of my graduation. It fit that person, rhymed well and my gang had a good laugh. Now, I write better poems and on varied topics. Through the years I have realized that rhyming words are not the only way to write poetry. There’s so much more to it. In case, you want to read my poems check them out on my Instagram page: @lifettroves


When I started writing this list I wasn’t sure what to put in. I didn’t even think I could write 5 things that might interest anyone but then, I am a writer it is my duty and responsibility to come up with content (Wow! Wasn’t that deep?).

If you want to learn more about cusp signs check out this post by and let me know if you fall on any of the cusps.

You can hire me for any and all your content requirements! Sending love and light your way!

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