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5 Lessons I Learnt by Being Consistent On Instagram!

I started taking my Instagram account seriously in March. At that time, I was constantly trying weird methods to kick my followers up a notch. I even tried the infamous follow unfollow method after watching an YouTube video. But guess what? I didn't grow.

None of these so called "growth" tactics worked for me. I was miffed, irritated and angry at the algorithm🤣. The truth is, it wasn't the algorithm or Instagram who were at fault, it was me! I was using the wrong tactics to grow. These were the "get followers quick" tricks that would give me only numbers and no leads.


So, I retraced my steps and started researching. I wanted to understand Instagram and not just be a creator with couple of thousand followers with no engagement. During my research I found a 30-day Instagram challenge by Vince Opra and decided to take it up. I was still a bit confused as to where to go, what to create, how to use hashtags, etc.

Few days later, I spoke to my dear friend Ron ( also known on the gram as @thestudentceo) and he guided me through everything. He was patient, listening to my issues, confusions and he shared with me actionable tips that made it all so easy. Don't be fooled though, it is far from easy.

I have been active on Instagram for over 2 months now and here are a few takeaways that I learnt by showing up everyday!

  1. Content is King

  2. Numbers don't matter

  3. Focus on building relationships

  4. Don't force yourself to do anything

  5. Stop comparing yourself with other creators

Let's dive deeper into each one of these pointers.

1. Content is King

You have heard this time and again that content is king. It holds true even today. Almost every business is online and those who are not, they are losing clients. When all your competitors are in one place, you have to fight for attention. How do you do that? One way would be to show of your products, cut down on your price and hope they choose you. Or you strive to gain your prospects trust.

The online marketplace has abundance of information, resources and solutions. It is your responsibility as a brand to go ahead and share the necessary solutions with your clients. Tell them the benefits of your solutions, how you do it and how it affects them! When you show your clients that you are the expert in your field and capable of resolving their issues, they will trust you.

2. Numbers don't matter

We all love ego boosts and that's what the followers are. If you think more followers guarantee more sales, think again. Having a couple of thousand followers definitely looks good but do you know that most of these followers don't engage with your posts? They do nothing to increase your income or grow your business apart from looking good.

There are creators with as low as 200 followers who are churning in more money than big influencers. Just focus on what you are good at and work on that. If you start analyzing every post, every like and every loss of follower, the only thing you will end up with is a punch in your gut. It won't do you any good. What you should focus instead, is on creating valuable content, engaging with your prospects and building relationships.

3. Focus on building relationships

If you want to be a part of the race in the long run, START engaging. Engage with your followers, the people you are following and with the people you would like to work with.

Engagement does not mean to just like a post. It's so much more than that. Talk to your followers and help them solve problems.

There are things you can give for free, give advice without hesitation. I send voice messages to my followers, the people I follow and new people every day. It helps make your bond stronger. Seek value and share value. See this as a big networking event which you are a part of everyday. If done right it can guarantee you a steady income. Dan Thomas has a simple 15 minute exercise that can help you engage consistently. Check it out and implement it. You will see the difference.

4. Don't force yourself to do anything

There will be days when you don't feel like it and the best thing to do is to take a step back and relax. It's okay to NOT be productive everyday. We are humans not machines. There are good days then there are not so good days. Don't beat yourself up. Even creators like Eva and Dave Talas keep saying that taking a break is totally fine. It is healthy even.

Batch your tasks and try to take at least a day off every week. If you are just starting out or are a freelancer like me, you may be juggling with a lot of things on your own. And at times you forget the boundaries. There is no clear distinction of when to stop. Know your limits and work on them.

5. Stop comparing yourself with other creators

Comparing yourself with other creators will kill your creativity. And besides, every creator is different. Just because Harry got to 10k followers in 60 days does not mean you will too. Maybe he is putting in more hours of work than you could possibly imagine or he has access to resources you can't get your hands on.

Some growth is better than none. Striving to be at a certain level is good. Healthy competition as we say but don't let setbacks dishearten you. Your growth maybe slow than others but look at where you were when you started and where you are today. One step at a time and you will reach your destination in no time.

Remember these lessons through out your life. Make them your guidelines because they hold true anywhere and everywhere you go. Have you signed up for my email newsletter yet? Go do it now👇

5 lessons Amroita Creates learnt by being consistent on Instagram

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