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  • Amrita Singh

A Cup of Coffee, Please!

We north Indians love milk. 'Doodh ki chai' or milk tea is how most of us start our day and this is a ritual that is followed religiously even now. My grandma (whom I call Amma), is the odd one out and so am I. She brewed her tea in a special way, and I followed her tea ritual for a long time.


Her drink is a cup of black tea, made twice a day by boiling water, black pepper, ginger and basil leaves with sugar and straining it in a glass. She never boils the tea leaves with the water. They are placed in the strainer and the watery herb mixture is strained through, add a few drops of lemon and voila!

I am more of a coffee person. The dark liquid is my nectar of life. I won’t say I am addicted to it because I can surely live without having a cup of coffee. That does not mean that I avoid it. On my bad days, I can have as much as 3 cups of this glorious hot brew.


For a long time, I used to drink coffee laced with sugar and milk. I do like it even now but I can as easily drink a cup of black coffee with no sugar! It’s an achievement honestly. I never liked things that taste bitter (I hate bitter gourd) apart from dark chocolates plus I am a sweet tooth so, it was difficult for me to start drinking coffee without sugar and milk.

In the beginning, I would put a few granules of sugar which I slowly avoided and now I am completely off sugar from my coffee! It’s a start though. A few days ago, Simrun Chopra a health coach and nutritionist, posted on her Instagram story that she drank sugar with her tea and coffee. It was a shocker honestly because most health experts tell us to avoid sugar in any form, especially in tea and coffee.


If I were to be truthful, I still have the milky laden with sugar coffee once in a while. It is my comfort drink and moreover, it feels like home. Now, in the quarantine, I am unable to get my hands on my favourite brand of coffee and so, I have resorted back to the good old black tea, my Amma’s recipe!

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