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  • Amrita Singh

A monologue from the past


Date: 09/08/19

Positivity, laughter & beauty these are the three things that you need to feel deep within. They can't be faked.

Meditation is helping me focus on my thoughts, on the brighter side of things and I love this feeling. I want to be a better person and I am working towards it. It may be a bit difficult but it is not entirely impossible.

As I listen to music, I can feel the words. There is a part of me that can fathom the pain and the happiness, the love and the heartbreak behind the words. It's raining again. Beautiful. I love the rains and fortunately, have had the pleasure of enjoying it in its full glory for the past few weeks so to say.


Meeting people excites me. As I go out and talk to people it makes me feel lighter. I love it when they say they missed me or my silence concerned them. This feeling is something I can't put into words. I feel grateful. I feel happy. I am a part of so many people's lives and somehow someday I have touched them in a way that made it bearable. That made them a happier version of themselves.

The sun shines on me again. And I am not disappointed by the sudden stop in the rain. No, I am in fact, happy. There's a bubble inside me that rises every time I feel beautiful and today, I do. I feel beautiful, I feel loved, I feel happy.

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