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  • Amrita Singh

Apolitical: The idea behind no judgements.

When I was in college and until a couple of years ago, I considered myself “Apolitical”. Those who are unaware, have never bothered to check the dictionary or googled it, Apolitical (adj.), “is a person or an organization who is not interested in politics or thinks politics is unimportant or who is void of any political attitude or bias.” Truth be told I was this person or rather wanted to be one.

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As humans, we choose to act in a way that suits us. We talk about issues that affect us and use it for our benefit. I, for one, thought it was cool to not be politically inclined or dirty my hands (and mouth) by talking about the situation in our country and the world. But the fact is, I was just being ignorant.

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Over the years, the situation in our country has drastically altered and with this dynamic change, my views and opinions have seen a reform too. I realized that I am not exactly unbiased or politically neutral (as per definition of “Apolitical” by Collins Dictionary) and I am glad.

There was a time when I was ignorant, in fact, I am even now to a great extent. Forming an opinion be it in favour or against an issue is a better option than being clueless and avoiding the situation altogether. I am working towards changing this part of me and making it a habit to observe the situation and build my own set of viewpoints irrespective of the influences surrounding me.

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The times we are living in, especially the current dilemma India is in, I can’t emphasis enough the importance of building your own point of view. I do understand it is not easy because I have faced the indecisiveness myself. With so many mediums and an array of fake news, you don’t know whom to trust and whose side to take. There are questions at the back of my mind every time I decide to back something up, “Am I doing the right thing? Is this the truth? What if I am wrong? ” Most of the times, I do not have answers to those wandering thoughts but I go with my gut instinct.

My instinct might not always be right; it might be influenced by the people around me- friends, family, my neighbourhood, education, society, etc.. There may be times when I make a wrong decision but a mistake is better than none. I have the liberty to change my opinions.

As the “youth of the nation” we try to keep a distance from conflict but can we ever stay away from it truly? Don’t we speak up when we are at the receiving end of a political blunder or when our rights are compromised? We do and we should at all times.

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I am not going to tell you what to believe in nor will I tell you what I believe in. What I want is for YOU to raise your voice irrespective of the din that surrounds you.

If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything. Gordon A. Eadie

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