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  • Amrita Singh

Gratitude: The Things I Love

The smallest things are what I cherish the most. The first rain, the smell of the mud, the greenery, the trees, the chirping of the birds.

The beautiful souls who walk the earth, the smell of a freshly baked cake, a long bath on a hot summer day and the coolness of fresh lemonade.

A walk with many wandering thoughts, the music blasting in my ears to drown out the negativity from my mind. The beats erasing the care of the world and my pen flowing to form words.

The musky scent of an old book, a flower in bloom. A smiling face, A beautifully aimless conversation. The mouthwatering homecooked meals, the infectious smiles and the hearty laughs.

The heat of a lover's touch, the butterflies in the stomach. The dazed eyes, the sharp intake of breath.

The realisation that you are in love, the heartbreak, the sad songs. The short-lived loneliness and the anticipation of happiness.

That soft coat of fur, the low and growling purr. Someone to have a cup of coffee with and to hug me till I drift off to the land of fairies!

An act of kindness, a word of appreciation and the unsolicited advice of a friend.

I am grateful for it all

What are you grateful for? Comment below or email me. I would love to hear from you!

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