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  • Amrita Singh

I Had Dreams

A night sky painting with a crescent moon, clouds and twinkling stars

I had dreams Just like the lines on my palm I had a timeline for my ambitions By 20 I would graduate By 21 I will have my first job By 23 I will find my soulmate And at 26 we will get married At 28 I will have a kid By 45 I would retire And I and my husband will travel the world As I entered my mid-50s I wanted to write my own book So many little things.

So many little things I had thought through And above all I wanted to die in peace

in a quaint little house by the lake

lying by my soulmate,

my kids and grandchildren huddled beside me A smile playing on my lips But now I fear I fear that I might not be able to live long. I fear that someday while coming back

from work or after meeting a friend Late in the night I will be stopped by a gang of monsters I will be raped, strangled and burned. I am scared to go out now. To meet, to reject, to talk To say what I feel To wear what I want I live in fear. Don't you think enough is enough now?

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