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Jim Kwik: Teaching the World How to Learn!

The other day I was browsing YouTube, listening to guided meditations and instrumentals. I love to hear, watch or read something inspiring and positive in the mornings. As they say, what you think of when you wake up sets the intentions for your day.

As I was scrolling through a few Ted Talks, I started listening to Jim Kwik's interview with the London Real TV. You know how we get lost in the world of videos, from one to another and the endless tunnel. That's how I ended up listening to this legend. If you are like me and are clueless about Jim Kwik, it's fine. Don't beat yourself.


Jim Kwik is the Founder and CEO of "Kwik Learning". He teaches speed-reading, memory improvement techniques and ways to optimise your brain's performance. His methods are scientific, practical and yield astonishing results. As a kid, an accident left him with a severe brain injury. This hindered his memory, focus and learning abilities. Today, he is teaching young, and old that our mind's capabilities have no limits.

It's a myth that Knowledge is power. Knowledge has the potential to be power. But it only becomes power when we use it. When we apply it.

After listening to this excerpt, I started stalking him on social media. His answers had piqued my interest. And I found out he has a podcast! It's called "Kwik Brain" and is available on all major streaming apps (I heard it on Spotify). I heard the first episode today, and the amount of knowledge he is sharing blew me.

The human brain has the potential to do so much more. There are no limitations to what we can achieve by training and rewiring our brain. I am hoping to learn some new tricks to enhance my learning and memory power (it's deteriorating every day).

Check out my Instagram post for a quick recap of what I learnt from his episode if you are too lazy to hear it. (it's only 3 minutes!)

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