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Passion to Profession: How to Earn While Doing What You Love

Making money is the primary goal of every human being. Some earn to make ends meet while others work to live in luxury. There are those who love their work and then there are those who love the money. My teachers always taught me to make a profession of what I am passionate about. When I started, I never imagined I would be writing for a living and enjoying it.

Embroidery hoop, teal color yarn, watch and camera flatlayed
Make a profession of what you are passionate about

The Flashback

I started writing in the second year of degree college. It was a hot summers day and as usual, our economics professor was droning on about something. I was bored and I penned down a few verses about a girl in the class. It was duly circulated among my group of close girlfriends and after I received a thumbs up from each one of them, I wrote in my diary. After college, I did my Post Graduate Diploma in Events and as expected, forgot about my love for words.

It was during my first internship with an Artist Management firm that I gave writing some serious consideration. Unfortunately, it didn't last. I shifted to Bangalore for work and got lost in the joys and sorrows of living alone and far from home for the first time. In the last 3 years, I have improved my art a lot. My poetries touch hearts or so I have been told. (You can read them here). But the actual journey of taking up writing as a profession began in 2019 when I was working with a Wedding Planning Company as a Content Writer.

A man in glasses sitting in front of laptop in stress
To be honest, I hated my job

If I have to be honest, I hated my job at times (most of the time). I wanted to be a part of the planning team, meet clients and do all the juicy stuff instead of writing speeches for the bride's father. I decided to quit my job when I realised my job role would be dormant. And so in July of 2019, I left. I faced a backlash from my family as expected and they weren't to be blamed. I didn't have a plan. I left a good package at a whim, without any clue of what I would do next.

The Turning Point

I consider myself spontaneous and I decide things on the go. Things never go as per plan for me and hence, I stopped planning my life a long time ago. This blog is a result of one such spontaneous decision.

Before starting this blog, I have tried blogging 3 times. The first one was a free site on Blogspot or Blogger, second a Wordpress blog with a paid hosting and domain and the last (it wasn't a long time ago) a free Wordpress blog. I wasn't consistent with any of them but this time, I wanted to be prepared. This time, I was serious about doing things the right way. Thankfully, I have been giving it my undivided attention.

A blog page open on a tablet
This blog is a result of a spontaneous decision

Passion to Profession

1. Discover your Passion

Quitting your job is the easy part. But doing so without knowing where your passion lies is foolhardiness. If you are looking for a job change or thinking to pursue your passion, the first step is to define it. Hobby and passion may be similar but they are not the same. Reading is a hobby but if you read a book once in a blue moon, sorry to say but you aren't passionate about it.

2. Jot down the pros and cons

Once you have zeroed in on the thing you are most likely to turn into a career option, jot down the pros ad cons pursuing it. Most of us are not financially strong and have responsibilities. There are bills to be paid. You can't ignore these aspects unless you have an awful lot of savings to cover you through a few months (or a rich parent). Weigh your pros and cons, cover all your bases. You can always do what you love a few months down the line when you have saved enough.


3. Identify your strengths and weaknesses

You have decided what you want to do, the next step is to analyse your strengths and weaknesses. List down the aspects you are most confident about and the ones you need to work on. You might not have enough experience but you may have knowledge. Work on the things you lack. There are many courses and resources freely available at the click of a button. Use them to polish your skills and keep yourself updated.

4. Baby steps go a long way

I know it's not easy to drag yourself to work every day, but you can't resign without a plan. Yes, you need a plan. Take baby steps and explore the industry you are interested in. Start working part-time or devote a few hours from your day doing what you are passionate about. This will help you gain experience and get an insight into how it's going to be like to work towards your passion.

Plants in Pots
Patience is key to acheiving anything

5. Patience is key

Even after you leave your job and start working on your new career path, remember it's not going to be easy to start. Be patient and give it all you got. There may be times when you would want to give up. The weight of your own expectations too much to handle. This is when you need to remind yourself why you are doing this. Think of how happy you fell while creating your craft or writing a blog.

Keep doing what you love

In the words of Fabienne Fredrickson,

“The day that you plant the seed is not the day you eat the fruit.”

The key is to be consistent, courageous and calm. One fine day you will get to eat the fruits of your labour. That is the day you will be proud of the decisions you made and pat your back for being resilient.

Are you unhappy with your current workspace? If you had to change your career what profession would you choose? And if you have already done so, share your story with me. I will be happy to hear about your journey!



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