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Quarantine and No Chill!

Updated: May 1, 2020

The past month and a half have been draining. Not just for me, but for most of us. I had just arrived at home after a short visit to Delhi and a few days later the world was under lockdown. It didn't seem so scary at the time but now as the infected are just a few steps away from my apartment building, things went a notch into the danger level.

I can't remember the last time I stepped out of the house. It's been weeks. Now, I am an ambivert ok and for me, there has to be a balance of fun and boredom. I do like to stay at home do my stuff, read, sleep and work till late in the night but, I also want to go out once in a while, meet my friends, hop around the city aimlessly and travel in the local. God! Baffles me how much our lives have changed in a short span of time.

How am I biding my time?

Many people have asked me about what I am doing in quarantine to keep myself sane. I am keeping myself busy. This, coming from the biggest procrastinator of all time! I started quite a few things while in the lockdown and I am glad.

1. I created my website: If you read my post, "Passion to Profession", you will know how this is my third website in the last 4 years. But this time, I did things the right way. I spent quite a few days maybe a week researching and designing. I wanted to have enough content to post. Most importantly, I wanted to be consistent.

A yellow and purple color pencil shaped board with "Love to Learn" written on it hangs on a white wall

2. Focused on learning: I have always believed, you can never have enough knowledge. There's always something you don't know and it's ok. The only thing you require to learn is will power, determination and a guide. Today, there so many resources available freely to us. You can learn on Youtube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and even Google! All you have to do is look.

3. Reading every day: I am a voracious reader or at least I used to be. Reading had taken a back seat for quite long and the reasons are stupid now that I think of it. Nevertheless, I have finished one book already and rolling my two. Even though this is slow for my pace, I happy that I am reading a few pages every day. It keeps me sane.


4. Listening to Podcasts: I love listening to stories and, podcasts are a great way to do just that. There are so many interesting and rich podcasts available at no cost. Platforms like, Jio Saavn and Spotify have a pool of options to choose from. My favourite ones are Positively Unlimited Podcast &The Health Coach by IVM Network and Kahaani Express by Neelesh Misra on Jio Saavn Originals.

5. Building my brand: Amrita Creates is my dream and there's another one in the pipelines. Throughout this time, I am trying to keep my head in the game and build my brand visibility. It is important, trust me. I believe this is the best time to get there and market yourself. Make yourself visible to your target audience.

6. Being consistent: Consistency is the key whether you want to build something or learn. For me, it's difficult because I get bored very easily. It's my default setting! I am trying to change that by waking up every day and stationing my ass on the chair (or bed depends on where I sit).

A woman on bed watching TV while eating popcorn

7. Watching movies: I prefer reading over watching things unless it's something very interesting. Recently, I watched Angrezi Medium, Karwan, 2:22, Zodiac, Dr Dolittle and the list goes on.

8. Trying to be organised: Ok, so here's the thing. Me and organised in one sentence, let's just say we don't go well together. Naah, I am a hella messy person and I get distracted so easily (God knows how my wanders from one thing to another). Nowadays, I have started making a to-do list and I strike off things as I get done with them. Hopefully, we don't break off soon.

I also started exercising and meditating very recently but knowing me, let's not get our hopes high. Also, I am delving deep into my industry to understand the nuances. I am working on some cool stuff soon so subscribe 👇 to my newsletter! Do tell me how are you spending your quarantine, I would love to know:)


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