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  • Amrita Singh

The Moonchild and the Creative Block

I love the melancholy of the night. The silence is endearing and yet there’s a music that one can only hear when all is quiet. My glasses are perched on my nose as I sit with my thoughts, wracking my brain to find out a silver of an inspiration to strike. I am in a problem, what people call a creative’s block.


The dogs are barking again precisely at 23:20 Hrs. It’s been a pattern. Now I know the next series of bark will start at around 1:15 am as I try to cram up a few more words of my Online Digital Marketing Course. My fan creaks like in the 90s Bollywood flicks. I am still pondering about how to break free from the barricade that has stopped the flow of words from my mind and through my fingers on to my laptop.

I can hear some shouts in the building opposite mine. Someone is fighting, I guess. Wow! That lady can scream. Scary. Okay, it’s getting intense now. Even though I can’t hear what they are fighting about, I can assure you it’s not because he left his towel on the bed again. Silence. Broken by my parents quarrelling (talking actually but all their talks are like quarrels these days).

The lockdown has impacted us all in many different ways. Some are more depressed than ever while some are trying to overcome their fears and anxiety. People are losing their sh*t over petty things and some are losing their jobs. There are those like me, who are utilising this time for self-development and some are enjoying Netflix. I think somehow, this quarantine will enable us to find out our true nature and for some, their calling. For better or worse, we all will have changed a bit just like our situations.

For a long time now, I have refrained from the news altogether. The biggest reason being the sadness and depression I felt by reading about all the wrongdoings. In the past few years, so much has happened. The brutality, the killings and the hate, I just can’t take it. What are we? How can we be the strongest species of the living kind if we can’t treat our own with empathy, love and care? And the brutality on the poor animals. Those who can’t speak and all they seek from us is love if not home.

This night has just turned into an extraordinary string of thoughts. With nothing to write about to so many words. I guess that’s why they say let your mind wander!

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