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  • Amrita Singh

What we left behind?

broken house
The home we dreamt of & its broken debris

What we left behind?

A handful of wishes and our peace of mind.

The love, the kisses, the thousand dreams.

The blue cardigan that I loved so much,

The anklets I got you for Christmas.

The hidden desires, the many memories;

The home we dreamt of,

And its broken debris.

The night we watched together,

The sky full of stars from your balcony.

That moment you declared your affections for me,

The day we talked about starting our family.

The baby names we discussed,

The arguments, the mistrust;

The heartbreak, the disgust

Goodbye to our forever.

And yet, people ask me what did we leave behind?

We left behind our feelings for each other,

Those we won't have for another.

We left behind the future we believed we had together,

But now there's only a trace of what we left behind.

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