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Writing Tip #2: Stop Using SMS Lingo!

Updated: May 21, 2020

Last week, I covered a free writing practice. Today, we are going back to the basics.

The problem with the current generation is their habit of texting. We are so used to the "SMS" lingo or abbreviations, that we don't realise it's affecting our communication skills. I have received messages in my Instagram DMs from young boys & girls (not that I am old) who want to make writing their career but they don't know how to use proper English!

Absurd that's what it is. Young, educated and with access to unlimited resources and yet, they can't write proper sentences. "But that's now a habit Amrita, how do we break it?", you may ask and lucky you, I have a solution! Start writing anything and everything in full sentences. Use "You" instead of "u", replace "r" with "are", "dis" with "this", "y" with "why" you get the gist (I hope)

Your task for this week is to send out text messages in full sentences. Analyse your writings and find out the words that you are more likely to eat up. Now, this does not include apostrophe words like can't, shouldn't, wouldn't, doesn't, etc.. We will come to those in another blog post so subscribe to the newsletter!

If you have any other queries and concerns, hit me up @amritacreates on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or Pinterest. I am always happy to hear and help y'all!

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